Man by the sea

There once was a man who lived by the sea

With a sweet red dog by his side, by his side.

And they would invite pelicans and sea lions to tea.

The sandpipers and swallows too, they were here yesterday,
Sandpipers scurrying and swallows swooping.

But it had to be stopped when they lied, when they lied. 

Oh the joy, No sounds, 

except the gull and crow.

Fleeting is life, hurrying to the past,

But the sea doesn’t notice,

She sang, roaring with pride, with pride.

She doesn’t notice the para-surfers

Dancing on the wind, in the surf.

She is impressed with her rollers 

And the horsetails the wind help her show off.

She likes to show off the gull cried, she cried.

People come and go, like grey whales

Migrating to calfing grounds.

And the sea remains.

She remains.

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