No more meat

No meat, no processed foods, no icecream, no alchohol, no fat.

Having lost 30 lbs, all my diabetes meds, most of my hypertension meds,

Sadly I have returned to it all:  weight gain, meds, and feeling fat.

I know, I know, I felt better, happier with myself, and slim, sort of.

I don’t ask why. I don’t say “I told you so.” I don’t say “stupid, MF, shithead, fatboy,”

No I don’t say any of that, not out loud, just in my head.

And where was my head when I ate McD Big Mac, fries, and Coke?

Instead of Laughing Planet vegetarian bowl?

Where was my head at when I stopped at DQ for $5.00 burger, fries, sunday and Coke?

Why was my head ignoring the increased calories and increased fat, on my belly.

Fat Belly!

My body has a mind of its own.  My body is a BULLY and trumps my head, always.

My body wasn’t thinking of good health, it was thinking COMFORT in face of stress.

My body didn’t care, it just wanted the weight back.  It kept all the fat recepticles ready.

It thought it was starving, on a starvation diet of the head’s design to punish it.

It thought it was doing just fine, thank you very much, and didn’t need head’s interference.

My spirit, soul, whatever, has a mind of its own too.

It didn’t care what either the mind or body was doing, feeling, wanting, needing.

It was focused on a spiritual quest, getting to express itself, speaking to the Holy Spirit.

What use did it have for mere physical things? This was a holy quest.

Fat or thin, meat or potatoes, happy or sad, tired or not, it carfed little.

Until the event that brought them all together, Burning Man.

At the Portland Regional Burning Man LIFE was what was important.

The body took pleasure in itself and saw bodies of others celebrated,

Short or tall, fat or thin, male or femaile, neurotic or not,

The body was recognized as the temple of the brain and spirit.

The brain was shut off and confused, but in a good way,

soaking up all the activities of others and opening new doors.

The spirit was elated, soaring high, unassisted by proferred dope.

So upon my return I fled to the beach to seek retreat,

and take off my clothes.

I pushed my body out the door to experience first hand the breeze, the sun, the birds, the sand, the ocean.

My body felt good, sans textiles, pores open, stimulated all over, warm, cool and alive.

My body was recognized as the temple of the brain and soul.

It was open. Open for business. Open for positive change. Open to  the mind and spirit.

I pushed brain, mind, head.  Inner voice was asked to shut up.

Meditation, coloring book, drawing, poetry were its food and sustinance and energizer.

It was open. Open for business. Open to positive change. Open to the body and soul.

I pushed sprit to be, seeking looking, watching, listening, feeling and describing the result in a journal.

My spirit was glad to  be included in  this awakening and led the way

to positive change. A higher calling. A goal for the body.  Quiet for the mind.

So today all three of us returned to juicing. Returned to  feeling good. 

Knowing and doing are two different things, said the body.

Feeling and wanting are not things that should drive us daily, said the brain.

Being and thinking are not true spiritual actions, said the spirit.

But enough lecturing, let’s go eat/drink the breakfast smoothy.

I love you guys.

left overs

Small Town Boy


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