Elmo’s Burner Bike

In preparation forBurning Man 2015, I have decorated my bike.

The bike is a Bike Friday fold-up tourister made in Eugene.

I have folded it up several times and it fits into its suitcase and travels free.

We went to a conference at the Mayo in Rochester, MN.

After getting my luggage, it took me twenty minutes to

assemble the bike, make the suitcase into a trailer and ride to town.

When I took it out ow the hotel for a ride one day,

the man said, “Bike Friday, do you have one for each day of the week?”

I rode all across Wisconsin on the Great Americanl Bicycle Adventure along

the Wisconsin River (GRABAWR).. Five days, five hundred + miles.

So taking it to Burning Man 2015 was a cinch, made sense.

So I took off the fendes, the rear rack, and trunk,

and wireless odometer, and pedals with foot traps,

and added a second water bottle.

I found two camel bells that I used to use on past rides,

they annoyed nearly everyone, especially the bike mechanics,

and added them to the handlebars.

And then I foun my grandchildren’s Elmo costume.

When I rode it around the neighborhood for a test spin

three kids came unning out to buy ice cream (just kidding) 

I’ll let you know how it works.


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