A puzzle

My life, my self, my path

is  a puzzle, with pieces missing.

I haven’t yet completed all the edge pieces.

When putting similar pieces to gether

I gives me a partial picture,

incomplete, but informative.

I  base the search for puzzle pieces based on the pieces I have,

but maybe I should wait.

I have no box to show what the finished puzzle will be.

Sometimes I have to discard puzzle pieces that don’t fit.

Sometimes others provide pieces with offhand  comments.

Sometimes pieces appear unsolicited,

Illness, trauma, love, change, new job, new friends.

Suddenly I may see how pieces go together with new insights born of inquiry, quiet solitude, thinking of other things, memories, smells, a touch.

I look at other peoples puzzles to see how they are  doing.

Some are complete waiting only for the  last piece.

Some are in complete dissarray, not yet begun or contemplated.

Many are alive with hope, optimism, and faith.

Many are dead from pessimism, dispair, and depression.

I am happy with mine as it is today, but looking forward

To more pieces fitting together as I consider it.

Will you help me?

Small Town Boy


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