Transformation, baby!

Over and over the Hanged Man indicates transformation.

Transformation means change into something else, something new.

Is it a change I am working on, an obvious outcome from current efforts?

Is it a change I want or a change others want or is it an unknown outcome of my own actions?

Will I be smarter? more handsome? more creative? more dead?

A caterpillar dooes not choose its  metamorphosis to a butterfly.

A bear does not choose how it will manifest itself when it emerges from hibernation.

A flower does not choose its bloom, nor a tree its fruit.

As I watched ninth grade boys turn  into senior men, their metamorphosis was part genetics and part environmental  response, little left to choice on their part.  Their only job was to  make the best of their new selves, body and mind.

I am trying to be a better husband, friend, father, child  of God, citizen, empath, man, human, lover, stranger, volunteer, writer, compassionate self observer, grandfather, great grandfather, mentor, cancer support, pet owner.

That’s what I’m working on, but is that what will be changed?

Other things affectiing change: illness, spouse, stress, anxiety, challenge, being out of my comfort zone, injury, children, climate, geopolitical events, disaster, trauma, trauma in others, 

I Ching says wait quietly.

Tarot says something big is coming.

The Hanged Man indicates transformation.

but what?

Small Town Boy


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