Were you dancing in the Moonlight last night?

Known as the hay moon, the buck moon, or the thunder moon.

It will be full today so you still have time.

Time to dance, dance in the light of the moon,

“It’s a supernatural delight” – King Harvest

It has been a long time coming,

I wanted the joy, the expression of openness,

So I went out onto the deck and danced,


Waving my arms,

Shaking my butt,

Chanting, “My heart is open, my body is open, my spirit is open, my mind is open.”

Visualizing my openess and dancing

Dancing in the moonlight, “It’s a fine and Natural Sight” – ibid

Lunatic? Moon crazy? 

Moon shadow?

Moonstruck? Moon dance?

Landing on the moon ?

Dancing in the light of the moon.

Small Town Boy


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