Little Moonbeam

After the fire on  the beach to celebrate the cleansing moon,

After watching Jupiter and Venus try to touch each other in the night sky,

After playing the ocarina and dancing (half) naked beneath the moonlight,

After reading  messages to the cosmos about what should be 

– discarded

– celebrated

– and what needed to be manifested, 

And after burning the notes to let the messages rise to the heavens,

After returning to the hot tub and dancing once again in the moonlight,

After going to bed…
A little moonbeam snuck across the floor into  my bedroom,

by my bed, on the floor, in the dark, in the early morning hours,

and lay next to me for a while, before

scattering underneath the dresser, where she still llies?

We had raised our voices in prayer and supplication to the blessing moon,

asking for blessing, cleansing, and empowering our needs and

helping us to grieve a lost love.

And the little moonbeam was  saying, “You’re not through yet.”

“There is more to be done,” and entered my dreams

to stage a play whoose meaning is unclear  this morning.

And to leave images of work yet to be done,

And possible solutions,

And help from the Little Moonbeam from the Blessing Moon.

Small town boy


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