The Outside

The outside is better than the inside.

The inside is dark, noisy with voices, talking all the time talking.

The outside is quiet, with birdsong interupting the silence.

The outside is sunny, breezy, sparkling surf, ocean roiling.

It’s roiling on the inside too, seething, tumultuous,

Difficult to manage, it’s me, OK, QUIET DOWN!

I took the day to be without. Without electronics, without music, without email.

I took the day to meditate, sit quietly, read a book, play nine ball, draw, write, color.

I took the day because my insides needed a break, I took a sabbath.

It worked well, I gained composure, I enjoyed the day, I felt in charge again.

I wrote a haiku for Burning Man to win a prize of the use 

of someone’s crapper in their RV.

“Man burned by my match,

Temple went, my soul’s on fire,

Where’s the RV crapper?


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