Give me a kiss

“Give Me A Kiss to Build a Dream On@ sings Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong, “And my imagination will thrive upon that kiss.”

Do you remember necking? Kissing and kissing? In the dark at parties, at the movies, and later, in cars out by the lake?

Do you remember your first kiss? Your last?

I’m not talking about a buss or a peck, nor intimating you tongues yet, just kissing.

And I mean lips, not cheeks, foreheads or fingertips.

Do you remember the best kiss? Or the one that ruined your marriage? Or almost did?

Movies in the 40’s and 50’s were all about kissing! All the sexual tension was created for when they finally kissed.

And released after as those of us who watched Blue Mion Detective agency found out after Bruce Willis finally kissed Cybill Sheapard.

I received two unsolicited mouth kisses in the last ten years and both were from female realtors!

I yearn for those lost kisses. 

Send me a kiss to build a dream on.


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