Can’t kiss me

There are places on your body which you can not kiss, most notably your elbow, as my 50 year old son reminded me this week.

It is not that these places don’t want to be kissed, well maybe not elbows.

It is that, unlike dogs and cats, you are not limber enough to reach them with your lips, or your tongue?

And so this creates a conundrum, if one needs something beyond manual stimuli, what can one do?

I’ve heard tell if other warm wet things used for self gratification, but I’m not here to talk about that. Ewww.

So kiss my ass!

What a wonderful turn of phrase, and one that presents a solution to this enigma.

You must partner with someone else, like the villagers with spoons too long to allow them to feed themselves, we must help each other.

It should not surprise you that another’s kiss is sweeter by far than self osculation.

Also, it should be noted that once you both have indulged in kissing that which you alone can not, other joyful opportunities present themselves.

Ah, yes they do.

So apparently God had a reason for preventing you from kissing your elbow, and other places. Amen



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