Let’s Fly!

Ok, I’m going to teach you to fly, it’s time for you to learn.

I used to use a sort of helo back pack, and I could lift up from my back yard and fly over town.

It was great fun and I leave it to others to analyze this dream of mine,

I just know when I needed it it came to me and I flew away.

but then I learned to  levitate.

I was in a crowd and I couldn’t see what was going on in front,

So I levitated,

above the crowd,

and slowly floated toward the front to see what was happening.

Cool, yes?

so now it is your time to fly.

All you have to do is intend to do  it.

When you are drifting off or waking up and you realize you are in a dream state,

Lift off.

You can take short flights at first until you gain confidence, and then

You can go anywhere, any time, any place you can imagine or remember.

Take a  trip to your past, to someone you remember fondly,

Take a trip around the  world, it doesn’t take long and it costs nothing.

Fly to the moon and see what the astronauts left behind, or mars.

Fly to the future and see your loved ones as they have grown older.

Fly home, wherever that is or was or will be.

As you prepare  for your journey into the next world 

And leave your body behind, you will fly like nobody’s business.

You will fly to  see how everyone is doing without you.

You will fly with the Holy Spirit on wings of gold into Heaven’s portals

And be filled with ectasy. 

So let’s try it, OK.  Small flights at first, and then longer and fartherr,

Until you’re home

  Small town boy


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