The Final Path

You’re on the final path now, my sweet sister,

But you’re not alone for all of us who love you

Are by your side as you face this transition,

Not the least of whom is me.

You’ve always been on this path, 

Leading us and teaching us the grace of

One day at a time.

Your daily exhuberance has been enriching

And you spirituality amazing.

Although this is a time to think of the best of your life,

I often wonder about the times you were in trouble

As a young girl in Coleridge, Nebraska.

Lord knows I had my share of episodes that I got into trouble for:

Being late home for dinner from the chalk cliffs out side of town,

Losing my shoe to  the tar by the railroad tracks,

Breaking the window at school when I ducked down in the window well hiding,

Smoking in the preacher’s outhouse,

Stealing candy from  the grocery store.

God, this feels good to  confess these crimes,

Some of which received spankings if they were known,

Some of which were never found out.

“Oh you must have been a beautiful baby,

Because baby look  at you now.”

Still, that twinkle in your eye bespeaks of  another girl,

A girl who didn’t always do what she should,

Who found excitement in doing what she shouldn’t.

Come  on now, confession is good for the soul.

I love you so and I thank God for every kind word you have given me.

I think if they tally those small kindness up

You will have a gold crown with stars sparkling when you arrive.

Until then, let me sit here by your side and share

Your glorius, happy, joyful, and gracious

Final path.

You are more than a sister to me and I am with  you.

So is Jeff.

– Small Town Boy


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