Spirit:Body Duality

As your body grows up it becomes aware of the spirit.

As the spirit inhabits the  body it becomes aware of the physical world.

together they form you, and mature together, each one seeking its own needs.

The body needs sustenances, food, water, pills, vitamins, sugar, caffeine, physical labor, calcium, and chocolate.

The spirit seeks growth, a quest, a path, supporters and friends, the Holy Spirit, and understanding.

But which came first, the body or the spirit? and which will last?

Is it a body with a spirit, or a spirit with a body?

Now, at the end of your path, which will fail and which will go on?

Lift up your spirit to the heavens and say goodbye to the body it has inhabited,

The body that has allowed it to live, the body others have loved, the  body which your parents gave you.

Now it is time to think of the spirit, the spirit that has kept your faith alive, the spirit, sister to athe Great Spirit,

That has led you to  God.

Now your ego is transcended, the wee small voice in your brain becomes quiet, and your heart,

Your heart turns over to the spirit all  that it has learned in preparation for the  end,

The end of your body only, but now a new beginning,

the beginning you have waited for all your life, the beginning your spirit grown strong

anticipates and welcomes.

Thanks be to God.

Small Town Boy


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