The Evening Breeze

the evening breeze is our daily cooling off period.

Onshore breezes from the Pacific Ocean blow away heat and pollution.

Corvallis sits in just the right place as the Coastal Range, hosted by Mary’s Peak,

Opens into the Willamette Valley and releases sea breezes to cool us each day.

So it is with life and the end of it,

Evening breezes of love and affection flow over you and calm the worried spirit.

Prayers and memories rise to add their comfort and grace to help you face your newest adventure.

It must be tiring and tedious to wait for the inevitable, yet each moment is precious and valued by you and those who love you.

“Today is my favorite day.” You say today and tomorrow. We know how you value life,

And yet you carry no concerns or worries into the next, your faith is strong and your spirit is full.

So relax and enjoy the evening breeze God has sent you for your comfort and ease.

I add my prayers to yours, and in so doing face the unknown by your side .

Small Town Boy

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