Catherine Blanchon Dubois

catherine is my eighth great grandmother

Here is her story:

 On June 7, 1663 while the men were away working in the fields the Minnisink Indians entered several villages under the pretext of selling vegetables and. suddenly began murdering their unarmed victims. They took all they could find of value, set the villages on fire and took about 45 women and children captives.
Among them were Jan Joosten’s wife Maycke and son Joost from Wiltwyck and Louis DuBois’ wife Catherine Blanchan and baby daughter Sarah from Esopus. Joost and Sarah were later to be married.
For three months the men searched the Catskills, but had no success until on Sept. 3 a friendly Indian gave a clue to the location of the captives. A rescue party was formed led by Louis DuBois and Capt. Kreiger whose journal relates this event. Meanwhile, since the Indians were running short of food and winter was not far off they had decided to burn some of their Captives.
Catherine DuBois and her baby Sarah were selected to be first. When the Indians were about to put the torch to her pyre she began to sing the words of the 137th Psalm. Enchanted by her voice they demanded that she continue to sing, Of course, she did. The approaching rescuers heard her, were guided to the spot, attacked the Indians and released all the prisoners. Little Joost, too young to be much affected by the horrors of captivity, thoroughly enjoyed his three months of Indian life. Later as an adult he frequently left home to spend many weeks at a time with various tribes. In this way he was among the first whites to explore the wilderness areas to the west of the coastal settlements. He was particularly impressed by the beauty of the Valley of Virginia and urged his sons to settle there, which they eventually did.

Psalm 137:

v1 There we sat down, by the rivers in Babylon.

  We cried when we remembered Zion.

v2 There we hung up our *harps on the willow trees (special kind of tree).

v3 For there the people that made us *prisoners were very *unkind.

  “Sing us a song” they shouted. “Make us laugh with a song from Zion!”

v4 We just cannot sing the *LORD’s song in a foreign land.

v5 Jerusalem, if I forget you my right hand (will drop off!)

v6 My *tongue will stick to the top of my mouth

  if I do not remember you, Jerusalem.

  I think of you more than the things that I like best.

v7 *LORD, remember the people of Edom.

  This is what they said in the Day of Jerusalem.

  “Knock it down, knock it down to its *foundations!”

v8 Daughter of Babylon, someone will destroy you!

  That person will do to you what you did to us.

  He will be very happy then!

v9 He will catch your children and hit them with a rock.

  He will be very happy then!


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