The swallow and the bat

it is nearly dawn, the candles still burn brightly,

And the bats are returning to their bat house on the outside wall high above.

One last swoop or two before bedtime as I catch sight of these little flying mammals, completing their nightly soiree full and sated.

Now, in the light, the tree swallows take up the duty whose goal is to rid the air of flying insects.

Swooping up and down and round and round they duplicate, replicate, mirror their brothers, the bats.

One flies by night. Do they know the swallows pick up their work while they sleep?

One flies by day wondering who has been thinning the  flying insect population as they slept.

Do they know the other beings exist? Or is it just rumor? Blind faith? Have they seen (or heard) each other and realized they fly the same path?

Do mommy bats tuck baby bats in their beds at night (upside down) with stories of the daylight angels who help them in their daily quest?

Do mommy swallows tell their nestlings of night time “birds” who can not see but listen for the flying insects with big ears? (What are ears mommy?)

Each in the day or night as God has prepared them for. Each longing to meet the other and learn secrets of flight and the catching of flying insects and warm places for them and their families to sleep and be safe.

Who do we not see by day; who does what we do by night? Who talks about us as the day people? How do we know they exist?

How do they know we exist? Are our goals the same? Do they love their families as we love ours?

Should I leave something out for them to eat? Have they left something for me to see in the dawn?

Like the bats.

Oh lord, watch over the night people and bless their lives and aid them in their toil.

And bless those who work by daylight too.

Like the swallows.



One thought on “The swallow and the bat

  1. I like this very much, you have so much insight into our critter friends. It’s like you yourself have been a critter for some span of time. Thank you very much Lloyd for sharing your thoughts,
    XL (love from Laurel).


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