Lost Children

i have eight children; 4 bio, 4 adopted; 4 black, 4 white; 4 girls, 4 boys; 4 from marriage #1, 4 from marriage #2; 4 college educated; 4 not. I could go on, but you get the point.

At one time or another I have lost each of them. Fortunately I always get them back. Now I have 16 grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

So let’s get started. CORY is my #1, my eldest daughter . I lost her when she went into hiding to avoid an abusive husband. We had to meet in a McDonalds that was near her safe house. Then she totally disappeared only to show up with her three boys in Fort Collins attending CSU where she got her social work degree.

John is #2 and one of the twins. John was never actually lost that I recall, but he disappeared when his mother paid for a trip to Australua where he met Debra Sue from Maryland. After that he would often disappear carrying on a coast to coast relationship till they got married in Portland.

Jim, the other twin really began the disappearances when he got lost on a Seattle Ferry when we were crossing to get to ???, I don’t remember, it was 1967 and he was two. The good news was that he had nowhere to go but to stay on the ferry and so was quickly found.

When we adopted Casey she was already lost. We had asked Boys and Girls aid for an interracial girl who was out of diapers. (We had had enough diapers with the twin boys.) Boys an Girls said they couldn’t find a girl like that locally. They would have to seek her in the east coast. Well surprise, they found her and another girl lost and forgotten by the system in foster care for almost two years. She had been in Portland all along.

My second wife and I had a daughter, Becca, who seemed lost. We couldn’t find her. After an hour or so we were becoming desperate. She was about eight at the time. Finally we found her in the back of the school bus that was outfitted by a wood shop teacher from New Jersey as a motor home. (I had bought it when I was attending OSU for my masters.) after I found her I spanked her to remind her to tell us when she was playing Hide and Seek.

Ashley has been my traveling partner in lots of trip : to Europe, Florida and Disney, and New Mexico where she rode a camel at the Albuquerque zoo. But she did disappear once none the less, at her first soccer game. She loved the idea of soccer, especially the uniform and kicking the ball. However she thought it unfair that the other girls didn’t get out of the way when it was her turn to kick, and they kept trying to take the ball from her. Anyway, when the game started, Ashley went to the sideline, squatted down and vanished. Oh she was still there, but she was lost in thought and didn’t play that game. She had zoned out to somewhere else till the game was over. Apparently she had paid attention to the game and had actually thought she had played in it.

Jacquari got lost in the Reach the Beach Bicycle ride. We had started out together, me, him and his younger brother Teddy. The boys were on their BMX bikes and had walkie talkies to stay in touch with. Teddy tired fast and his mother came and picked him up, but Jacquari had disappeared. He had ridden far enough ahead that I could no longer get him on the walkie talkie. By the time I had gotten to Sheridan he was nowhere to be seen. I had his water and food. The rest, as they say, is history. I stopped at the Grand Rind Indian reservation for lunch and my wife had told me he had been there and gone. She and I went to the Spirit Mountain Casino briefly and then drive to Pacific City where we remounted our bikes to go over the finish line. Rumors flourished that some kid in a BMX bike had ridden fifty miles, and they called him the “machine.” It was Jacquari. Later we found out that he could catch the twenty somethings going up hill, but they were much faster downhill. He had run into the “wall” and just kept going about two miles from the finish line. For a kid with ADD this was a lot of focus. When he got to the finish line the people from Cliff Bars were there to greet him with a box of Cliff Bars because they heard the stories that he was coming and hungry. Later we bought him a 21 speed road bike for further rides like the Spring Century near Canby.

Finally Teddy’s story has a happy ending. Teddy had a habit of disappearing, once calling us from a strangers home to say he was lost, had knocked on this persons door and asked for water and the phone.  So we got him a cell phone to carry when cell phones were new. He thought this was great until he found out we could call him wherever he was and tell him to come home. Still, he liked calling mom in the kitchen for a sandwich. He was in the basement at the time.

So far I haven’t lost any grandkids (If you don’t count Ashley, Jacquari and Teddy who were our grandchildren before we adopted them).

But that’s another story.  



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