Little bird, gull, and rabbit

There was a meeting last night

Or early this morning.

Can you see? Can you see?

See the rabbit hopping? Probably a cottontail, 

Though other larger reddish bunnies live nearby too.

See the gull walking? Not a sea gull, but a gull.

Probably a Bonaparte’s Gull.

But who’s the little guy? I thin the toe prints visible identify it as a bird, don’t you?

But a small bird.

Swallows, sparrows, and chipping sparrow have been seen or heard.

So all this begs the question. Why were they here?

My friend who is grieving her lost lover was here at this exact spot just over a week ago where we held a beach bonfire and tried to contact her.

Maybe these are her messengers? Spirit guides from the beyond?


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