1.not seemly; not in keeping with established standards of taste or proper form; unbecoming or indecorous in appearance, speech, conduct, etc.:

an unseemly act; unseemly behavior.

It seems I may have been unseemly.

Some think I should be more in keeping,

With established standards of taste,

Or proper form;

That my behavior is unbecoming

Or indecorous in appearance,




In my behalf: isn’t that exactly the point?

To get ‘out of the box?’

To move beyond your comfort zone?

To seek new areas of yourself that need to be realized?

I’m exploring here people!

There is nothing wrong with me,

Don’t worry or be concerned (about what?)

One day your self may actualize 

The inner boy meets the outer man.

This has been waiting a long time to show itself and I won’t turn away just because

It might seem to be unseemly, right?

What taboos have you left unanalyzed?

If you wish to be judgemental look to yourself.

That’s what I’m doing.

Our world, the one you and I constructed,

Is too seemly, and often

The seams are invisible

Until you cross one.

So I’m keeping on, learning what I think is unseemly:

Not being in touch with my feelings,

Hiding or lying about myself,

Turning away from someone who needs me,

Not crying in sad movies,

Being danceless,

Saying one thing and doing another,

Lying to myself

Lying to children,

Not giving my stuff away.

When I examined pain so as to better understand those who were hurting,

Was that unseemly?

It would seem not .

Small town boy

“As you sow, so shall you reap.” (English proverb)
“The one who does not risk anything does not gain nor lose” (Breton proverb)
“Only the tent pitched by your own hands will stand.” (Arabic proverb)
“Without suffering, there is no learning.” (Croatian proverb)

bohemian: a person, as an artist or writer who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices. An unconventional life.


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