My FaceBook Friends

Check out my FaceBook friends: (not in any significant order)

They are lesbians, drunks, recovering drunks and druggies, nurses, teachers, students, family, foreigners, men, women, gay men, pastors, sinners, people who  speak Spanish, cousins, lovers,wives, new friends, old friends, youngsters, oldsters, peers,some grieving, some celebrating, professors, burners, indians, white people, black people, asians, motorscooter buddies, dentists, priests, women priests, gay pastors, school administrators, fat friends, skinny friends, strippers, former military, band members, massage therapists, long time friends, relatives I’ve never met, old college friends, old high  school friends, pseudo daughters, in-laws, former boyfriends and  girlfriends of my children and  my grandchildren, people with  fake names, neighbors, neighbors who are crazy, church friends, volunteer friends, work friends, children of friends, people I’ve forgotten, ex-lovers of  friends, deaf friends, blind friends, special needs friends, rich friends, poor friends, Canadian friends, spouses of friends, faux sons of my ex, motorcycle friends, people who have done great things, people who haven’t, women leaders, ADD, ADHD, schizophrenia, OCD, Anxiety prone, claustrophobic, Dog sitters, and those who are dying.

Where did they all come from?  I love them all. My lifeisricher for each and  every one of them.

Thank you friends

-small town boy

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