What? I’m trying to be bohemian here,

Friends, what do you think of fiends?


This is a boring start, do you want,

could you, won’t you pick up the pace a little.


He reached down into his pants and …


What? I’m trying to be bohemian here.

Well yes, but shouldn’t it be “seemly,”

Fuck off! bohemian is adverse to seemly.

I’m reaching here.

I grew up in Coleridge, NE

I had to my father just killed himself,

I was 9.

Hey, that’s great; it’s a great start for your work.

I know, but weren’t we discussing friends?

I had a friend in Coleridge in the late 40’s 

that I didn’t meet until 2014.

She lived in the country, but remembers by brothers NAMES.

I lived in the village, but we share memories of the time:

The grocery, the First Congregational church I lived near,

Of the  library opened in the old city hall.

Needless to  say, we’ve become fast friends.

Same age, same memories, same church….

I write for her to read in  chemo, lots of stories,

and one poem.

Now she’s no longer going to chemo

I need to write for her leasure.

“So what’s the finish? the moral? the end?”

Nothing yet, but we are hopeful.

Wait, I could makeone up?



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