The Crow

The big black crow caws,caws,caws.

The big black crow sits atop the neighbors roof.

He doesn’t know what a scarecrow is.

He lives by the sea.

He lives inland.

He flies in the air.

He’s my noisy neighbor,

The one you wish to yell, “Quiet!”

But you think too much of him to do it.

Big black crow caws, and caws, and caws.

Sometimes he is a pedestrian;

Other times an aviator;

And sometimes he’s the alarm.

A very good citizen, no unseemly behavior,

A gentleman to the end.

Caw, caw, caw goes the big black crow.

You try sitting on a branch, or a phone line even worse, and cawing.

Caw, caw, caw, is that food I see? Can I get it befor that vehicle gets here?

Is it my turn today to get food for the nestlings?

I am the crow, and all of my feathers are black.

Small town boy

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