Life’s three rules 

Upon nearly reaching my 74th name day,

I decided to impart some wisdom: three rules of life I have found.

Rule 1: Don’t give up.

Rule 2: Make wishes 

Rule 3: Have faith.

That may not be in the correct order, actually they’re meant to be done at the same time. I also don’t know which has priority or whether two or three of them work well in conjunction with each other.

These weren’t the rules I grew up with, those usually unwritten rules that catch you after the fact. I think these are the three rules from days gone by:

Rule 1: Clean your plate, or no dessert.

Rule 2: Use your manners.

Rule 3: Get home before dark.

Now I have found broader application to these rules, for instance clean your plate also tells me to finish the job. The carrot here has to do with. Your income.

Manners were so inculcated into me that I can not not say please and thank you.

The last rule implies that home is your refuge.

I think these three rules are lower order training kids kind of rules. The first three I gave you from my wisdom are sustaining rules. These rules wil help you sustain a fulfilled life. These rules are little pep talks.

A third set of three rules comes from the U.S. Government:

Rule 1: Pay your taxes 

Rule 2: Stop complaining.

Rule 3: Be a good patriot.

Like don’t ask/don’t tell, but add on Don’t bother us.

Church is another place for rules:

Rule 1:  Be a believer.

Rule 2: Come to church.

Rule 3: Be generous.

There are many other rules, as you know, at least ten more. But these are unwritten but universally expected, yes?

I’m retired now and I’ve found rules there too, especially as you age;

Rule 1: Take walks

Rule 2; Drink lots of water 

Rule 3: Take naps.

All else is superficial and meaningless to your well being, you can’t grow older, volunteer, or be any kind of human being without these.

Here are rules I’ve learned about being married:

Rule 1;  Be gentle with each other.

Rule 2: Listen

Rule 3: Touch each other often during the day.

Well I’m sure you will think of more. I just wanted to give you three. 

Love, LMc


One thought on “Life’s three rules 

  1. Lloyd, I love the various trilogies of advice. Let me add on old Management professor’s advice which can be found in some of your lists. To be successful at work
    – show up
    – show up on time
    – show up dressed to play
    He said that will get you more than half way there. Good post, BTG


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