I’m Me

I’ve been looking for myself,

With time alone at the Oregon coast,

With prayer and meditation,

With Tarot and IChing,

And then on my way into town for groceries,

On my Silver Wing Honda Scooter,

It came to me.

I was reeling from the description of someone I love,

Of her torment and terror while abducted for over a year,

Wondering how it is that she could then construct the

Beautiful Angel she has beccome,

With a large heart, a mission in life, a caring spirit

Who gave food and shoes to  the homeless,

Who hospiced people in  transition

And hospiced dogs and cats through the last moments of their life,

And wept when they left this world, and then did it again

While standing up to the power structure, brave and


I knew that much of the reason for the latter was that

She survived the  former with out committing a felony

By becoming Jewish; by becoming a nurse; 

By becoming a human being who realizes that the others

Are human too.

She is the sum of the  experiences of her life.

She is who she is.

And I am too.

I am me.

The same me  that played cowboy with Keith and had a crush on  Jerolyn,

The same me that made it through high school with girlfriends and drama.,

The same me that became a father, a devorced man, a husband and a 

father of adopted children

I am no better nor worse than I have been all my life.

I am  the sum of my experiences, some I chose and some that chose me.

And I’m not done yet, at age 74.

As long as I draw breath, the same  me as always will persevere

And find happiness, the same way I did before.

I am exactly where and who I’m supposed to be and I don’t need anyone who denegrates that or tries to  shame me.

I won’t let them, because

I’m me.

Small town boy


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