And more playa dust

if you’ve been to this desert or another like it (is there another like it? The Alvord Desert in southeast Oregon?)

You remember the dust, perhaps you took a lot home with you because it seeps!

It seeps through the cracks in the door or when the door is open,

Or when you track it in on your shoes, pants (about 6″ high from the floor is brown and gives off a dust cloud when you stamp your foot.) and all the bottles under the RV are coated, coated with the stuff.

Outside your door, the carpet you put down to ease this dusty effect is covered with a half inch of very fine dust. If you can find it you decide to dump it off. So you pick up a corner and shake and ouila! Instant dust storm all over you.

It is so fine, so mighty fine.

To put up the easy up awning, guess what? It has been laying on the ground filling up the valleys yet to be taut with dust, shovels full of fine dust! And as you open it it flies on the guy sitting in the chair downwind. 


Even after the wind dies and the dust that was a white out settles, dust surprises you with a little storm every time you open something, like a canvas folding chair. It runs off in riverlets.

Oh yes, the camp shower is at least a day from completion. And my friend is telling me I should wash my hair daily or the oils will start acne again.


-small town boy


Playa dust storm

Found and fed my cousin then

Went to her place to help build yurt.

It wants to be a hang glider.

Cousin wills it and us, her six helpers,

To proceed stepwise with a goal of completion driving her just ahead of the wind and dust.

Wearing goggles and masks

We seek to do her bidding until the yurt experts (those who built several across the street)?say stop! Don’t go any farther in the wind.

I get my Elmo fold up bike and return to our RV for food, water, rest, and sun lotion.

Except it is confusing with wind and dust to find my way two blocks home.

Looking for the yello fluffy camp nearby and the yellow Perske truck.

Dust swirls, I stop to seek kandmarks and find the flagpole sticking up above the dust storm, turn right and I’m home.

Thank god my friend put up aluminum foil on all the windows, but it is dark in here.

Where is everything?

It’s Okay, you’re here now.

Small town boy on the playa

Playa night

Or should I say playa evening’ or ‘playa sunset?’

But my anticipation grows. 

Our (the camp) art car is ready to roll.

Flashing streams of LCD changing colors

Strip the features of the Shuttle!

Even the side engines shine in varying hues,

Controlled by an onboard computer.

We will ride in it soon and see much more of the playa.

But that is not the sum total of my anticipation.

The dust is settled and soon the wind and then the pleasure of a walk about in the neighborhood,

But there’s more: the moon!

Beautiful queen of the night,

Nothing outshines you.

Dancing is never more fun, and I need to dance

In the dark

By moonlight

In the cool desert breeze.

Lord almighty!

I haven’t met many folks, 

But the desert and I are moonlight lovers.

Small town boy

The Playa

The desert and i are getting acquainted.

She is a dry old lady with cracks and dust.

I dance in her breeze and she desiccated my balls soaked in sweat.

The night is silent and the space is deep.

The moon dressed in her golden frock blesses all below in anticipation of her imminent fullness. She will be full with succulent cheese, Gouda?

No saguaro here, no prickly pear, no creosote  neither. Nothing blooms on this desert, except people.

I have come to bloom.

I am here to burgeon with creative self.

I am here to express my unique vision of life, death and all in between.

I am here for eight days where Someone was for forty.

I am more available to God here and He to me.

Everyone here is available to each other and to themselves and to the wind and dust.

Can you feel the spirit Jeff? In the breeze? In the night? In the quiet which will soon disappear  (Jeff is my name for the Hiky Spirit)

I am here, to love you. Sit here with me in the night time breeze before the silence and emptiness vanish to dust and Burners.

Who am I that I should be granted such an audience?

I am no one. I am everyone. I am the man that I am.. Let me hug and let me kiss and let my live grow and flow over the playa and let it bloom in fabulous beauty hard to see in the bright solar heat.



the little plant was withering.

It was not flourishing.

So I took it away by itself.

I repotted it in potting soil.

I watered it, and put it in the sun.

I let it dance when it wanted to by the light of the blue moon.

I gave it pen and paper to journal.

I tried to teach it to play the harmonica or ocarina.

I regularly checked the Tarot cards and iChing, they said to wait patiently, it would come without any urging.

I prayed and meditated.

I purged and then integrated my four selves: body, mind, heart and spirit.

I tried new things and re-tried old things.

I wanted to be open to whatever comes my way.

I wanted to flourish.

So now I’m going.

I’m going where lives are cracked open wide.

Where love abounds.

Where my newly purged, integrated, and open self can emerge,

And flourish.

The chrysalis is formed with the caterpillar inside.

The outside looks scruffy.

The inside is alight.

People are watching.


– Small Town boy 

Comfort and Solace

Comfort and Solace were walking down the beach one day.

Comfort said how are you feeling?

Solace said It’s going to be OK, Comfort.

They came upon a woman weeping by  the sea.

Comfort said, There there. Let’s get you somewhere out of the surf and wind. Is there anything I can get for you? A blanket? Food? Have you eaten lately? You’ll feel better if you eat.

Solace said, There there. It will be alright; it can’t be as bad as all that, my dear. Whatever it is it isn’t your fault. Don’t worry your pretty little head. Life is tough but you are surviving so well.

But the woman rebuffed all their attempts to make her feel better.

She said, this trial has come to me for a reason, leave me so I can continue to learn from it and grow.

And they did.

– Small Town Boy

I am the man I am

i am here now 

Locked loaded and fully integrated

Open as I can be

To whatever the day will bring

I am ready to face setbacks, delays and interruptions

The four people inside me have combined

So I’m no longer torn or damaged

My body

My heart

Mr brain

My spirit 

Are now the man I am

My fathers back to 1750 and beyond

My mothers likewise for their participation

Their lives have led to my life

Which has led to me

I’m here now

I freely love and accept love

I believe in God and He believes in me 

We have worked out a relationship

I’m not doing this for you

But I hope you will benefit, have benefitted from me being me

Everyone I meet knows it’s me and say hello

They too are real people who love and are loved in return

Everyone sees the spring in my step, the smile on my face

I have emerged and I have merged

And now I take the next step

I just wanted you to know I love you because I love me

I am the man I am.

– Small Town Boy

The front door

ever sat here? At the front door?

Of a new adventure? Excited? Anticipating?

Alfred Hitchcock defined anticipation like this: you’re watching the beautiful woman ascending the stairs in a dark hallway, knowing there’s a crazy man behind the door with a big butcher knife.

I used to tell

My chemistry students to anticipate the outcome of their reactions in chem lab. (Citing Alfred Hitchcock)

I’ve been headed for this door for a couple of years.

I have friends on the other side,

And my FIRST cousin.

They say it is a spiritual journey.

My spirit is ready for anything, wide open, purged and fresh. 

They say it’s transformative. Creativity abounds and my creativity awaits this experience with anticipation. (See Alfred above) since January it has been pushing to surface in my self, my emotional self, my cognitive self, my physical self, and my spiritual self. All are purged; all are open to the experience, 

behind that door.

They say it’s hot, dry, and this year bug invested. I am ready with hats, clothes, DEET, and certain filmy things I’m not at liberty to disclose.

It’s BIG: 70,000 people on the playa. I have brought my bike in a suitcase (Bike Friday) and an Elmi costume for it and lights, lots of lights.

I have a friend to go with. Ben. He is my guide and mentor on all relevant info. He found us a Big Camp to stay with.

So I guess I’m set.

Here I go.

Oh shit, there’s a five hour wait to get in.

Into Burning Man 2015

-Small Town Boy