Rise up

Rise up, it’s dawn again, rise up!

The blue moon is still  full and

There’s still  time to  dance by the light of the  moon.

Wave your arms, wiggle your butt, jump and shout!

Rise up, it’s a new dawn again, rise up!

All of yesterday is purged, cleansed, and open to  the day.

No bodily afterthoughts of your youth and agility,

No mind games playing what was against what is against what will be,

No games of the heart remembering what was and not being ready for what will come today,

No more denial of the  spirit, but hope in life that sustains.

Rise up, it is the  dawn of your time today.

As the sun breaks over the hills and the moon retires from its realm to it,

The sunshine spreads over the coast, across the low tide lands, and onto  the sea,

And the sunshine spreads over me full  of hope and spit awaiting today.

So Rise up all  my friends known and unknown, all the strangers unmet and unacquainted,

Rise up to all of God’s animals to birdsong, Crow caws, Gull yells, and jay chatter.

Today is your day too.

Rise and see what’s happening.

How will today change you?

Small town boy


2 thoughts on “Rise up

  1. Every day changes me, sometimes for better, sometimes not. That’s just the way it is for everyone. It can often be a struggle but your words Lloyd, remind me that God is always with me and if I should simply settle and take time to listen to this guidance the choices are in MY hands to make or break the day. 🙂

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