When I was young

When I was young we didn’t have cell phones,

Or texting, or digital photography that captures everything every where.

There were only a few dial up phones around if you hadn’t traded

Them in for Princess pushbutton phones.

Telephone numbers for those near by were seven ddigits, XXX-XXXX,

The first three digits still held shadows of their prefexes,

Normandy 6670 for  instance was 667-6670 and we would quickly

forget the prefix names in favor of Area Code, and just when we got that 

figured out we found more than one area code in our city and state.

When I was young we picked up the receiver, cranked the magneto 

And spoke to a person, the operator, to whom you gave a number

And she connected you. Others on the party line listened into your conversation at will.

When I saw one of these phones in Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor and pointed it out to my children as what our kitchen phone looked like when I was young,

They were incredulous, “You’re not that old Dad!”

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