It’s easy

It’s easy peasy to babysit my 5 year old and my 7 year old grandchildren. 

Their mother is still at her work (she works graveyard)

and their grandmother has run to the beach for respite.

So it is up to me. I’ve been raising kids for over 50 years,

and it is eas, isn’t it?

Mom left a note that they could have cereal or oatmeal for breakfast.

Flavored oatmeal, says the 7 year old.

No, you’re doiing it wrong, you have to put it in the microwave.

That’s OK, I say, I have hot water here that I used for my

Pressed coffee this morning.

Well it’s better in the microwave, says the  7 year old boy.

There’s too much water says the boy,

It’s too mushy for me, says the 5 year old girl.

There’s too much water.

Can you get me some orange juice, asks the girl.

I look in the refrigerator and say, There is no orange juice, remembering the empty pitcher I took out yesterday with Tang in the bottom.

Wait, says the 7 year old, use that flavored drink, and the 5 year old races to  the cupboard to dig out the Tang.

OK, I say reaching for the pitcher. She gives me the Tang which she has opened.

I need the lid, say I, to measure. Oh, that’s right she says and retrieves the lid.

I measure up to the first line like it tells me so that I can make 1 quart of juice.

How much is a quart, I  think and go find a 4 cup measuring cup.

How many cups in a quart, I think, reading all the measurements on the side of the  measuring cup: cups, ounces, milliliters, but no quarts.

It must be four cups, I think, 2 cups in  a pint, right?

So I mix the juice.  We want it in our ninja cup and Hello Kitty cups.

OK, fine, I say.

She drinks all  her juice in his Winne-the-Pooh blanket

And he eats most  of his oatmeal in his bbrown fuzzy blanket

because it is a cool ssummer morining. 

I hear the garbage truck and race to get the garbage and re-cycling out,

only to discover that no one else has theirs out..

Oh, that’s right, it’s Thursday. I have to get the garbage and recycling into  the carts for tomorrow’s  pick up.

So I drag the small cart back into the garage,,

and go  back to my coffee.

The kids are off to another part of the house  and

I’m sitting here at my iPad telling you how easy 

it is to babysit children.

But you already knew that, right??


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