girl friends

My granddaughter Angel is down the block 

playing with her girl friend Lilly.

Lilly and Angel are girls.

Girls are  different from boys.

Sometimes Lilly and/or Angel like to  play with me.

Sometimes they sit on my lap and I read them stories,

Angel is nearly ready to read and does read some familiar words.

Lilly is just learning English, Chinese being her birth language.

But Lilly speaks excellent  body language and

is a tough competitor in the run and jump on grandpa competition.

Lilly gets louder and friendlier and more active

the longer she has been in the house.

Sometimes when Angel has been playing at Lilly’

They both appear at the front door

(They can’t twist the knob by themselves.)

And Angel  explains that Lilly wants to play at our house.

So I open the door.

Lilly steps in.

Angel shuts the door and goes back to Lilly’s house to  play with  the boys.

And Lilly makes herself to home.

She knows where the toys and books are;

She knows there’s string cheese in the fridge,

and she knows where the glasses are for water or juice.

She also knows where me and the dog are, should she want to play with us.

She disappears upstairs to  play with toys, mostly dolls.

You didn’t notice? Lilly has but one arm.

Lilly doesn’t notice either.

He mother calls her her one winged Angel.

-Small townboy

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