And Now It Has Come to This:

I have passed 74 years on  this planet (name days for Game of Thrones fans)

I have survived: Scarlet fever, St Louis Equine Encephalitis, acne (really bad), bruised metatarsal, run over by a car, caught steeling candy in store, Full hip replacement (with accpompanying system shut down due to demerol), seven falls off bicycle or motorcycle or motorscooter, getting lost near Trillium Lake, Mt. Hood, on hiking path with mountain  bike, three Cycle Oregon, three Seattle-to-Portland bike rides, two Great American Bicycle Adventure Along the Wisconsin River (GABAAWR), Miss klondike in 2nd and Ms Hagemeister in 5th and Miss O’Dea in 6th grade. U.S. History part II in college, statistics in  graduate program, The Bloods and Crips at the school  I taught at, my first marriage, my second marriage, 8 chidren, 17 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren, Four major auto accidents, three stents, Diabetes, type II, gout, linguinal hernia, ED, incontenence, loss of at least three fingernails due to  injury, broken metacarpal, several black eyes and cut lips, scrapes and bruises, spankings, and memory loss.

To arrive at this: (costume for Burning Man 2015)

– Small Town Boy


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