The front door

ever sat here? At the front door?

Of a new adventure? Excited? Anticipating?

Alfred Hitchcock defined anticipation like this: you’re watching the beautiful woman ascending the stairs in a dark hallway, knowing there’s a crazy man behind the door with a big butcher knife.

I used to tell

My chemistry students to anticipate the outcome of their reactions in chem lab. (Citing Alfred Hitchcock)

I’ve been headed for this door for a couple of years.

I have friends on the other side,

And my FIRST cousin.

They say it is a spiritual journey.

My spirit is ready for anything, wide open, purged and fresh. 

They say it’s transformative. Creativity abounds and my creativity awaits this experience with anticipation. (See Alfred above) since January it has been pushing to surface in my self, my emotional self, my cognitive self, my physical self, and my spiritual self. All are purged; all are open to the experience, 

behind that door.

They say it’s hot, dry, and this year bug invested. I am ready with hats, clothes, DEET, and certain filmy things I’m not at liberty to disclose.

It’s BIG: 70,000 people on the playa. I have brought my bike in a suitcase (Bike Friday) and an Elmi costume for it and lights, lots of lights.

I have a friend to go with. Ben. He is my guide and mentor on all relevant info. He found us a Big Camp to stay with.

So I guess I’m set.

Here I go.

Oh shit, there’s a five hour wait to get in.

Into Burning Man 2015

-Small Town Boy


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