Comfort and Solace

Comfort and Solace were walking down the beach one day.

Comfort said how are you feeling?

Solace said It’s going to be OK, Comfort.

They came upon a woman weeping by  the sea.

Comfort said, There there. Let’s get you somewhere out of the surf and wind. Is there anything I can get for you? A blanket? Food? Have you eaten lately? You’ll feel better if you eat.

Solace said, There there. It will be alright; it can’t be as bad as all that, my dear. Whatever it is it isn’t your fault. Don’t worry your pretty little head. Life is tough but you are surviving so well.

But the woman rebuffed all their attempts to make her feel better.

She said, this trial has come to me for a reason, leave me so I can continue to learn from it and grow.

And they did.

– Small Town Boy


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