I am the man I am

i am here now 

Locked loaded and fully integrated

Open as I can be

To whatever the day will bring

I am ready to face setbacks, delays and interruptions

The four people inside me have combined

So I’m no longer torn or damaged

My body

My heart

Mr brain

My spirit 

Are now the man I am

My fathers back to 1750 and beyond

My mothers likewise for their participation

Their lives have led to my life

Which has led to me

I’m here now

I freely love and accept love

I believe in God and He believes in me 

We have worked out a relationship

I’m not doing this for you

But I hope you will benefit, have benefitted from me being me

Everyone I meet knows it’s me and say hello

They too are real people who love and are loved in return

Everyone sees the spring in my step, the smile on my face

I have emerged and I have merged

And now I take the next step

I just wanted you to know I love you because I love me

I am the man I am.

– Small Town Boy


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