the little plant was withering.

It was not flourishing.

So I took it away by itself.

I repotted it in potting soil.

I watered it, and put it in the sun.

I let it dance when it wanted to by the light of the blue moon.

I gave it pen and paper to journal.

I tried to teach it to play the harmonica or ocarina.

I regularly checked the Tarot cards and iChing, they said to wait patiently, it would come without any urging.

I prayed and meditated.

I purged and then integrated my four selves: body, mind, heart and spirit.

I tried new things and re-tried old things.

I wanted to be open to whatever comes my way.

I wanted to flourish.

So now I’m going.

I’m going where lives are cracked open wide.

Where love abounds.

Where my newly purged, integrated, and open self can emerge,

And flourish.

The chrysalis is formed with the caterpillar inside.

The outside looks scruffy.

The inside is alight.

People are watching.


– Small Town boy 


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