Playa night

Or should I say playa evening’ or ‘playa sunset?’

But my anticipation grows. 

Our (the camp) art car is ready to roll.

Flashing streams of LCD changing colors

Strip the features of the Shuttle!

Even the side engines shine in varying hues,

Controlled by an onboard computer.

We will ride in it soon and see much more of the playa.

But that is not the sum total of my anticipation.

The dust is settled and soon the wind and then the pleasure of a walk about in the neighborhood,

But there’s more: the moon!

Beautiful queen of the night,

Nothing outshines you.

Dancing is never more fun, and I need to dance

In the dark

By moonlight

In the cool desert breeze.

Lord almighty!

I haven’t met many folks, 

But the desert and I are moonlight lovers.

Small town boy

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