Playa dust storm

Found and fed my cousin then

Went to her place to help build yurt.

It wants to be a hang glider.

Cousin wills it and us, her six helpers,

To proceed stepwise with a goal of completion driving her just ahead of the wind and dust.

Wearing goggles and masks

We seek to do her bidding until the yurt experts (those who built several across the street)?say stop! Don’t go any farther in the wind.

I get my Elmo fold up bike and return to our RV for food, water, rest, and sun lotion.

Except it is confusing with wind and dust to find my way two blocks home.

Looking for the yello fluffy camp nearby and the yellow Perske truck.

Dust swirls, I stop to seek kandmarks and find the flagpole sticking up above the dust storm, turn right and I’m home.

Thank god my friend put up aluminum foil on all the windows, but it is dark in here.

Where is everything?

It’s Okay, you’re here now.

Small town boy on the playa


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