And more playa dust

if you’ve been to this desert or another like it (is there another like it? The Alvord Desert in southeast Oregon?)

You remember the dust, perhaps you took a lot home with you because it seeps!

It seeps through the cracks in the door or when the door is open,

Or when you track it in on your shoes, pants (about 6″ high from the floor is brown and gives off a dust cloud when you stamp your foot.) and all the bottles under the RV are coated, coated with the stuff.

Outside your door, the carpet you put down to ease this dusty effect is covered with a half inch of very fine dust. If you can find it you decide to dump it off. So you pick up a corner and shake and ouila! Instant dust storm all over you.

It is so fine, so mighty fine.

To put up the easy up awning, guess what? It has been laying on the ground filling up the valleys yet to be taut with dust, shovels full of fine dust! And as you open it it flies on the guy sitting in the chair downwind. 


Even after the wind dies and the dust that was a white out settles, dust surprises you with a little storm every time you open something, like a canvas folding chair. It runs off in riverlets.

Oh yes, the camp shower is at least a day from completion. And my friend is telling me I should wash my hair daily or the oils will start acne again.


-small town boy


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