On occasion the planets align 

and things go right in the world.

While I am working on patience and waiting

The gods pull off the impossible

right beneath my nose

right into my benefit basket.

The more I try to be calm and open

the more good things come.

Not good things in the usual sense,

but good things none the less.

I couldn’t have planned it this  way, honestly

but it worked itself out in a mutually beneficial

and honest way making our best selves

rise to the top and connecting.

While I had no idea how to resolve

confusion and misunderstanding,

my dear ones had it in  them all along,

adding to my humility and love.

Love is more powerful than you can know,

and when its forces align

love abounds, heals, communicates,interacts, 

and brings out the  best in us.

I am here to love you.

I am here  to love you.

Sometimes that means sitting quietly.

– Small town boy


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