A Tinge

as the sun sets in the west

Over the pacific off the Oregon coast,

I notice something.

I stopped because the salmon colored

Sunset caught my eye,

All bright between two cloud banks

A few miles off shore, 

But then I noticed that the upper edge of the clouds was also tinged in pink,

A lacy, delicate pink that I might have missed.

Which brings to mind how many lovely delicate things we miss by focusing so tightly on the big bright thing in fromt of us.

A little less focus and a little more relaxed observation. Permits more beauty to enter the picture.

Your peripheral vision is quicker than our regular frontal eyes.

So all those things in the corner of your eye we often refuse to see. By easing our focus a notch we allow them to be seen and recorded.

You may think this is trivial but I just looked up and saw a rainbow shaped cloud who’s bottom was tinged with pink.

What extravagent beauty in the things only tinged in our world.

What does this say about the people who are marginalized in our society?

Much of the beauty and wonder is lost when we are too focused, too busy to meet and greet them.

Our loss.

Small town boy

Small town boy


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