Burning Man 10 principles

Let me try to put these ten principles in simple terms.

Once I found them I tattooed symbols on my wrist

So that each day they caught my eye and

suggested ways I could improve.

1. Radical inclusion  means everyone is included, even the rich.

2. Gifting means there is no transaction or barter or reprise. One gives and  another receives.

3. Decommodification means no commercial logos, even UHaul.

4. Radical self reliance means you do it. You may ask for and receive help, but it is ultimately your responsibility to do it.

5. Radical self expression (see Burning Man videos on Youtube)

6. Collaboration or group work. WE work  toteghter.

7. Civic duty means we police ourselves or others will.

8. Leave no trace means picking up the smallest MOOP (material out of place)

9. Volunteer. If I see you need help I help.

10. Immediacy, do  it now.

The two angels are my cousin whose playa name is Angel and my granddauther who defaultt name is Angel.

– Small Town Boy


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