I can’t

Whats the matter with you anyway?

Just get over yourself, it’s just a story you tell yourself. You can do it.

No, I can’t.

What do you mean you can’t? Enough negative talk, get up and get out there. Yes you can.

I am unable. I am disabled. I don’t have the ability I used to.

I know what you are saying, and I was once able, but no longer.

My brain doesn’t work that way anymore. My body can’t do what it used to do well. I remember then, but this is now.

I am unable to drive anymore.

I am unable to read without hearing the text at the same time.

I am unable to write or type.

I don’t understand the computer, the Internet, or my cell phone.

But I know everyone expects me to.

“For further information go to our website.…”

“Get your coupons online…”

“Did you watch Netflix last night?”

No, I can’t .

Beside the fact of my disabilities I don’t have the income I had, or the friends.

All of these things are above my reach.

I rarely go out to eat.

I get my food from the gleaners and the food bank.

Vet bills for my service dog are eating me out of house and home, but I need her when I have a seizure in public. She will sit in my chest and raise holy hell till someone comes to help.

So when you see me next, say “Hi. How are you doing?” And lend a hand. Will you?

“I’m sorry, I just Can’t .”

-Small town boy 



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