Lift Your Feelings?

When the day is grey,

When you’re feeling down,

When something bad has happened,

When you’re hurt or hurting,

Lift Your Feelings.

It may be difficult or easy, but

The path to the light is up,

Think about it.

Remember above the clouds is blue sky

And sunshine.

Who  the fuck cares?

When you are down in the muck, again,

Who the fuck cares?

So, you’re feeling hostile today too?

Sit, take deep breaths, close your eyes,

and listen to your breathing.

By our own will find those feelings,

especially the bad ones no  one will help you with,

Fill them with helium (or love works) and see them rise up above you, above the clouds, and 

When the light shines on them they morph and turn bright.

Note: you may have to do this several times a day.

Sit for a minute and feel the sun (or love)

Remember this feeling.

And go find a hug, a big bear hug, a heart to heart  hug,

And share the love.

I love you. I am here to love you.

-Small town boy

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