It don’t work

If it don’t work, make it work

is a saying that does not work with people.

Waiting with kindness allows conversation

wherin you learn that you are starting

a long process

of waiting, listening, hearing and understanding

befor you procede.

In fact, it will surprise you with the result.

Just what you were trying to dig out,

just when you didn’t know how to procede,

just when you ran out of options,

Response arrives carrying the answers you wanted

and more.

Now by listening and not be thinking of what I want to do next,

I hear.  When I hear I can see to discern meaning.

When I discern meaning, I can move ahead, slowly.

It will ultimately be done by me on an appropriate timeline,

Not of my choosing,

but of my discerning.

I’m waiting for the next shoe to drop.

Small town boy


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