I love you

There is more than one “I love you.”

Even when you just start out in love,

Each day your love grows,

And grows, till

You can’t stand it anymore.

You can’t think about it because it consumes you, from the inside out,

Till you can’t think.

Your mind, your heart, your body, and your spirit are agitated,

Aching, can’t catch a breath,

Total anhilation of the ego,

Not just by the lebido, 

Nor the hormones,

Nor the genitalia.

But by the other.

The other you just met, the other you’ve known for years and years,

The unexpected other, the long known other,

The young and the old,

The men and women you suddenly

Realize hold the key to your heart.

How can you refuse?

What else can you do but

Return the love measure for measure.

“I am here to love you,”

Said I 

And He, standing by my shoulder,

Said, “I am here to love you!”

Talking to me.

Now I believe I am here

To love me too.

Small town boy



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