Oh, Shoot!

Another gun spree,

More dead and dying,

Community in crisis,

Nation stunned,


Who knew?

What happened?

Ban guns?

Or everyone armed?

Bang, bang, bang!

Bullets blazing.

Innocents dying,

Mothers crying.

Politicians posturing.

NRA denying.

Bang, bang, bang!

When will it end?

When we decide to stop the killing.

Now would be a good time.

Would you use a sidearm to shoot to kill?

Bang, bang, bang!

Someone did today.

And the 10 policemen shot him.

Bang, bang, bang!

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Your arguments are killing children.

What the fuck do you need?

Bang, bang, bang!

Shoot the innocent.

Shoot the shooter.

Shoot, shoot, shoot!

When will it end?

Whenever we want it to.

-Small Town Boy

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