Saturday Morning Coffee

As I sit here in my all together

Sipping my Saturday morning coffee,

I remember it isn’t Saturday, but Friday.

Anyway, the Goofy mug reminds me of

Days when I had gone mad.

Suffering from flu, barfing and shitting diarrhea,

I continued taking my diabetes med, Form… something, 

Oh, now I remember, metformin,

Which lowered my blood sugar,

Which was non existant,

Which cause me no end of embarrasing behaviors,

Crying, delirious-ness, and general out-of-my-mindedness.

So I went to the hospital and  they filled me with sucrose and sent me back to the motel,

We were at Disneyland at the time.

Whereupon I took my meds again,

and again I exhibited signs of distress,

Whereupon I was returned to the hospital

and filled with pot, potassium, that is.

I had had similar experince with black licorice, 

but that’s another story.

So, why am I  telling you this?



Oh, now I remember, this story is about memory.

It is not that I  forget words, I just can’t find them.

When I  do remember, I put another word easier to remember

in the cubby where it resides,

So it can redirect me to the word I couldn’t find, e.g.


I added “California” to the cubby and then 

I wanted “Caledonia,” I found “California” which led me to “Caledonia!”

Similarly I couldn’t find “Kevin Costner,”

So I added “How much does Kevin Cost?” to be able to find “Kevin Costner.”

I also seem to  be losing the ability to multi-task,

Get distracted and forget to turn or turn the wrong way.

Or forget to pickup my grandson from Boys and Girls Club

Because I have two other grandkids in the car after Little Gym

And I  can’t find a parking place at Market of Choice because it’s Friday,

And family begins to suspect I am not to be depended upon.

So I’m sitting here sipping my Saturday (or whatever day it is) coffee,

Wondering what I am forgetting while I am sitting here in my all together.

Oh, yes, I forgot to get dressed.

IMG_3418– Small Town Boy

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