It’s not about the guns

It’s not about the guns, nor the second amendment.

These are the straw dogs everyone has constructed for us to argue about.

The issue is about people who kill people.

What can be done about that?

We waste our voices and our energy beating the dead horse of banning guns and/or allowing everyone, encouraging everyone to own a gun for self protection.

Self protection isn’t the issue either.

People who kill people are angry and have reached the end of their rope.

What can we do about that?

Some people in the commission of a felony kill people they come in contact with.

What can be done?

An armed response doesn’t seem to be helpful in resolving these issues.

Imprisoning a person for a long time is too little too late and doesn’t act as a deterrent, does it?

Self protection and deterrence miss the mark, no?

Also, you can have the best weapons, the best security, the best police and still people kill people, yes?

We deny basic human needs and are surprised when people kill people.

Poverty, physical abuse, bullying, loss of dignity, isolation, and war are a few of the operatives that drive people to kill people. You understand this, don’t you?

But it is much easier to point at guns or prohibitions or jail time or death penalty as quick fixes to a deep societal misgiving.

The next time you see someone hungry, feed them.

The next time you see someone angry calm them.

The next time you see someone isolated or harassed or bullied take time to get to know them and what is driving them to kill people.

The next time you face people who kill people think what should have been done yesterday.

The next time you find a boy with an arsenal sit with him and ask why he resorted to violence.

The next time you watch a violent movie or TV show, think of what it is doing to your mind, your heart, your body, and your spirit.

Then find ways you can reach out to others in need, before it is too late, before the think killing people is the answer.

You are the answer.

You can stop this, this killing of people.

Your concern, your reaching out, your love is more capable of stopping this than gun restrictions, jail times, personal security or death penalties.

Won’t you try?

It’s not about the guns, it’s about the people, and you’re one of them. You bear the responsibility for each and every fatality whether you own a gun or not.

Loving thy neighbor is not a concept, it is a mandate.

-Small town boy 


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