A dirty man

As I drove through Avery Park

I saw a dirty man, dirty from head to toe.

His hair was dirty, as was his long beard.

As he walked along he had one hand on his britches

So they wouldn’t fall down .

He looked like he was without shelter,

But I don’t know that for sure.

I’ve talked with him twice offering him

Food packages,

Which he gladly accepter, saying 

That it meant he didn’t have to go to the grocery store.

He said his name was Andrew.

I didn’t have any food that day

And I didn’t honk at him

For fear I might startle him.

I have seen him often walking east through the park.

But today I was taking my friend and her white Miniature Schnauzer service dog  and my Golden Retriever dog and my 4 year old grandson to the dog park.

We had not been to the dog park for a long while and didn’t know what behavior to expect from the dogs or the grandson.

There was another Miniature Schnauzer, Black and Tan with a recent trim, the kind that Schnauzers get, but which my friend thought made it look like a Nazi.

The Schnauzers sniffed each other’s butts and ran off to play together.

My Golden didn’t want to play with them, but a beautiful, playful, young Siberian Huskie romped over and pranced for her. She ignored the beautiful dog and sat on her haunches, protecting her butt.

The Huskie dove snout first under the rump of my dog and fully inhaled her sweet scent. Woof!

Soon a pack had formed of an assortment of various dogs and they raced around the people, the picnic tables and benches, and stirred up a dust cloud from the bark dust.

When we left I suggested we go to Willamette Park to let our dogs wander a bit more.

After parking near the boat ramp we walked a short distance to the trail that went along the river.

I kept calling my grandson back when he got ahead of us and out of sight.

There were occasional paths down the bank to the river, and out of one of thes came my friend Andrew, carrying most of his clothes.

He wasn’t so dirty anymore.

It was a warm fall day and he went on a side trail to get dressed and head back where he came from.

On the way out I commented on how well the dogs stayed near us but told my grandson that I needed a leash for him.

He didn’t talk to me for the rest of our outing.




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