New paths

There are new paths in the forest,

Paths I want to take,

Places I want to go.

I’m at a fork in the road.

I’ve been working to understand myself and I found these paths.

I want to walk the new way,

Expose myself to new feelings,

Try on new coats, and mix metaphors.

The me I’ve built has hidden

Some of me that wants to be exposed,

Tried, experience, and tested.

Who will be my guide in these new lands?

Will I be brave? Will I be honest? Will I be open?

Will there be someone to walk with me?

My confidence says yes.

My faith says yes.

My love of myself and others say yes.

I would like it if you came with me.

Come as far as you can go.

Talk to me, hold my hand.

And see me grow.

I love you.

-Small town boy 


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