When your path is blocked

I know, I know you are following your path.

This involves all of you:

Your mind is trying to make sense out of it, to rationalize it,

Your heart is acting on how it feels, often stronger than your wits,

Your body keeps you agitated, sleepless, in pain stronger than wit or heart even,

And your spirit is pushing all the others to seek and discern the correct path, one that works to enlightenment, regardless.

And so when your path is blocked you turn to look for another way, another path, an alternate route to what you think you desire.

And now I want to suggest that the blockage us in you?

Stop, sit, breath and be present when the universe presents a way you would have never in a long time thought of, felt, or considered.

Not only have you not examined yourself to see what is going on?

You have too early discarded options that would lead you home?

You may have failed to consider a different goal?

Let your brain be silent so you can think!

Let your heart open up and feel your feelings!

Tell your body to relax

And your spirit to persist.

You have come a long way and you can get through this blockage, but not by fighting it.

You will need to love it. You will need to forgive and love yourself and give yourself permission to proceed.

So this is how it works:

Turn off the TV, your mind, your heart, and your body.

Sit still.

And watch as the blockage dissolves!

Then proceed.

I love you, all of you!

You are on the right path.

-Small town boy


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